Maybe your favorite team didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, but you can still enjoy the sporting life by loading these apps on your smartphone.

Super Bowl Winners
Impress your friends with past Super Bowl knowledge. Do you remember who won two years ago? Maybe, maybe not. Download the Super Bowl winners app to get the full history of every Super Bowl since the first game was played in 1967. From the contenders, coaches and players to NFC vs. AFC stats, you'll have all the fun facts at your fingertips.

Upgrade to the full professional version of the app to get data from all NFL Championships and Super Bowls, World Series, Stanley Cup Finals, NBA Finals and MLS, MISL, NPSL, ASL, ASLII and NAFL Soccer championships.

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Sports Venue Finder
If you have plans to attend an event, check the Sports Venue Finder app before you purchase your tickets to see exactly where your seats are and how good of a view you will have. Using GPS, the app also gives you driving directions to the stadium. The arena maps are helpful once you get there as well—so you'll know what gate to enter and how to get to your seat.

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    Bypass Lane
    You'll never miss a second of the game waiting in line again—download Bypass Lane to get food, drinks, and gear delivered right to your seat. Simply put in your credit card information, phone number and seat location (section and row) and tap to place your order. Some venues offer fast pick up lanes as well.

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    Download Bypass Lane: Android Marketplace.

    Let the games begin!