Snapchat could soon help you buy things on Amazon

A new Snapchat feature will soon help you buy everything you Snap.

The company is working on a visual search feature called "Eagle," according to leaker Ishawn Agarwal who tipped off TechCrunch. In the future, when you snap a picture of an item or barcode you fancy, the new feature will redirect you to Amazon results for that product. The code, which is in Snapchat's Android app, allows you to bring up "sellers" and "reviews," as well as copy a product URL and share a product with friends.

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Back in 2016, Snapchat debuted Shazam integration, enabling the app to help users figure out which song they're listening to. It was the first time Snapchat had the potential not only to send and receive your photos, but to understand them and provide insight.

This feature would be the next logical step in this process, but it wouldn't move away from Snapchat's core purpose: Taking photos, and sharing your life with your friends.

Incidentally, it could also help Snap earn affiliate cash. And after reporting a $385 million loss last quarter, a new revenue stream could be a welcome relief.