Streaming Services

Q: If I have Netflix, do I need another streaming service?

A: Many people watch everything they want and find that new material isn’t replenished quickly enough. That’s why millions of people subscribe to multiple streaming services, so they can bounce between them and always find something new. So, how does Hulu compare with Vudu and what is the best service for you? Moreover, will you be able to see your favorite programming once you sign up? Tap or click here for the best streaming services compared.

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Free Microsoft Office Alternatives

Q: I don’t want to spend money on Microsoft Office. Are there any programs like Word that are not so expensive?

A: Microsoft Office is so ubiquitous we sometimes forget that the software isn’t free. Office is obnoxiously pricey, especially when you’ve already plunked down the money for a new device. Lucky for us, there are alternatives to Office programs like Word and Excel, and they’re not just free; they’re compatible. So you can create a document on a Linux-based program and be able to open and edit it on the Microsoft equivalent. It’s not ideal, but it’s a great way to save some cash. Tap or click here for free alternatives to the most popular computer programs.

Affordable Smart Home Upgrades

Q: I am going to sell my home. I have heard that smart homes get more money. Are there any smart home things I can get that won’t break the bank?

A: Because smart tech is so desirable, you can quickly increase the asking price for your home with a few additions. Some of these are pretty involved, like elaborate security systems and appliances. But others are quite affordable – something as simple as a lightbulb. One of the go-to systems is the Amazon Echo, which can connect to multiple other devices, and costs very little to install. Right now, there are so many smart devices that it’s hard to pick which ones will help the value of your home. Aren’t you glad I’ve done the research for you. Tap or click here for smart home upgrades to help you sell your house.

Find Komando on the Radio

Q: I live in San Francisco, where can I hear your radio show?

A: I’m flattered you ask. I’ve made the process easy by including a station finder on my website; all you need to do is enter a zip code, city or state, and this handy feature will do the rest. Tap or click here my show and podcasts.

Speed Up Windows

Q: My Windows computer is so slow. Isn’t there anything I can do to speed it up?

A: The thing to remember is that computers slow down over time, just like any machine (and people, for that matter). You can’t expect a hard drive to run forever, and most computers have an expected lifespan of less than a decade, and many experts assume each desktop should be replaced every five years. Sometimes those sluggish operations don’t have to do with age, but with how you use your device. Too many programs, unwanted background tasks, and malware infection can all eat up system resources. Tap or click here for the top reasons your computer is running slow.

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