What are your options if you want to defend yourself, but don't want to carry a gun?

There is no disputing a Taser weapon’s stopping power- we’ve all seen the videos. But while Taser models are popular with law enforcement, those available to civilians were not ideal for concealed carry.

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The Taser Pulse was revealed at SHOT and this new model is lighter, easier for quick draw and more affordable. Similar in size to a concealed carry handgun, the Pulse is just over five inches long and four-and-a-half inches tall.

Pulse incorporates additional features for easier concealment and quick draws like shaved safety levers, sloped iron sights and an angled trigger guard.

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What about stopping power?

This new model harnesses advances honed for law enforcement like knock down power. Pulse unleashes 30 seconds of high voltage output at an attacker up to 15 feet away.

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Advances like color contrasting front sight are designed to support easier accurate targeting of an attacker. Hit with Pulse, an attacker will be immobilized for approximately 30 seconds.

Once deployed, the company recommends the user should set the Pulse on the ground and run away. TASER has simultaneously introduced a "Safe Escape" program so that if you fire the TASER Pulse in self-defense, the company will replace your Pulse.

Taser weapons are illegal in a number of states and some require background checks. Pre-orders are open now on the website and become available to civilians in a few months for about $300.