Shark Wahlberg gives some helpful tips to kickoff Shark Week right

Shark Week is (finally) here, but that doesn't mean that Discovery is the only channel where you'll find these awe-inspiring creatures. Animation Domination High-Def's new Shark Walberg video gives us a very fun look at the ocean's top predator through the eyes of a Mark Wahlberg-inspired fish. It's not exactly the most reliable science, but it's full of clever aquatic puns and pop culture references. And it's always fun to rib Wahlberg -- he just hates it so much.

The voice of Shark Wahlberg offers a hilarious impersonation of the actor/former rapper's Southie accent. As the shark swims through the ocean, he tells us about the creatures who share the ocean with him. He doles out wisdom on the dangers of eating tuna, reminding us that Jeremy Piven once got mercury poisoning, and when he sees a seal, he remarks "he married Heidi Klum -- I'd hit that."

We also get a brief biography: Not only does Shark Wahlberg reveal that he was the star of "Boogie Sharks," we also find out he doesn't appreciate being called Sharky Shark, and he plays golf and eats stingrays for fun. Along the way, he even comes across humans making a shark documentary. "They said they want to tag me," he says. "You can't tag me; I'm not on Facebook."

The video ties in perfectly with Shark Week and is so entertaining that we wish that Shark Wahlberg got seven days' worth of videos too. We can keep hoping, but regardless, there is plenty of other Animation Domination High-Def content to occupy our time. According to its YouTube page, the Fox-owned company airs cartoons on FXX, as well as "all over the Internet all the time for people that don't have time to wait for their TV."

Shark Week is now officially in full force, so happy hunting.