Hipsters rejoice! A new eyewear concept will have you seeing in sepia.

Designer Markus Gerke has unveiled a new vision for the old-school spectacle that will let you view the world through Instagram filters. He calls them Instaglasses.

"Wouldn’t it be great to capture your everyday life, your entire life, through beautiful filters?" the concept's official website said.

The glasses are composed of an integrated camera and a selection of Instagram filters.

Want to remember the moment? The glasses -- still just in the conceptual phase -- have a button that captures a photo of the view, which is then sent to your computer.

"Life is beautiful, even more beautiful with filters," the description continued.

One of the arms of the glasses would have buttons to select a filter and a button to capture a photo.

You should still stick to your Ray Ban Aviators, however; Gerke has no plans to produce the eyewear idea.

So it looks like you'll have to stick to those $1,500 Google Glasses for the time being, even though they're already far too mainstream.

Don't worry, hipster: They look great with an ironic moustache.