Second Amazon Go store opening in Seattle

Back in February, it was predicted that there could be seven Amazon Go stores before the end of 2018. It's now looking likely there will at least be two, with the second store confirmed as opening in the fall.

As GeekWire reports, signs of a new Amazon Go store were spotted at the Madison Centre office tower in Seattle because of a gap in the windows covering. The words "No Lines, No Checkout (No, Seriously)" could be seen on the wall inside.

What followed was the discovery of a permit filing for an Amazon retail project at the location, with Amazon since confirming a new store is opening on 920 5th Street.

Amazon really is keeping Go stores very close to home, with this second location just one mile away from the first store at the base of the Amazon Day One tower.

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This second store is significantly larger, with floor space of 3,000 square feet compared to just 1,800 square feet for the first. With more space, Amazon can expand the range of products offered and further test how its no-checkout system works at scale.

The next two Amazon Go stores are expected to pop up in San Francisco and Chicago, but there's no timeframe for them opening. For now, you need to go to Seattle to Go shopping.

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