Sculpteo Lets You Sculpt 3D iPhone 5 Cases

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iPhone 5 cases are a lot like Nikki Minaj’s wardrobe, you never know what’s coming out of that closet next. Case in point: French 3D printing firm Sculpteo, which showed off a line of iPhone cover-alls that can be customized in 3D by consumers..

Sculpteo’s customization options include cutting words and shapes from the back of the phone, adding raised objects (like the skeleton head for instance), adding new color schemes to covers, or simply cutting out covers in wacky shapes, like the silhouetted faces below. (See the gallery below for more examples.)

And if you’re not in the mood to sculpt, the service does photo printing on cases as well.

To design and order a new clip-on, you can use the Sculpteo iOS app to select and modify the design. The app does not support original customizations from users but there is a large library of templates to choose from and lots of modifications like color, patterns, etchings, textures, and more.

According to Sculteo, the cases cost between $25 and $40 and take five days to ship from the company’s offices in France. About 60% of the companies business originates from the U.S., so “we’ve gotten good and shipping things fast” a rep told us.

These case are made with a mixture of nylon and plastic, so they are pretty thin. Don’t expect them to withstand drops and dings. If you’re looking for a way to gussy up your device though, here’s your chance to be extra original. Just no pink wigs.