Scale of Zuckerberg's image team is 'something different'

The Facebook page of CEO Mark Zuckerberg doesn't just happen. It's a polished, carefully crafted, highly controlled work, attended to by more than a dozen Facebook employees who include professional photographers and editors who help write posts and remove harassing comments and spam.

Of course, image managers are a dime a dozen among chief executive officers, but Zuckerberg is in a unique spot as CEO of a social media company, notes New York.

"He has to connect, to show the power of Facebook's platform to allow people to share moments from their lives." As a result, observes Bloomberg, "the scale of this team is something different." That dozen, by the way, doesn't even count another handful of employees who manage his communications, including emails, posts, and speeches.

"What he's learned over the last two years is that his image in the digital domain needs to be controlled," says a Berkeley prof. In fact it's a complete retooling of the image created in the film the Social Network, where he was depicted by Jesse Eisenberg as socially awkward, intense young man trying to fill his new billionaire shoes.

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Today, though, daily posts serve as the town hall meetings he launched in 2014; professional photos show a well-dressed man leaving the Vatican or a father reading to his baby girl; and full-blown documentaries detail his latest entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavors.

Bloomberg wonders if this is a man who hopes to some day run for public office, noting that his goal in 2017 is to travel to all 50 US states.

And Quartz points out that a recent theme is how he "gets" middle America. (Check out why Zuckerberg is suing families in Hawaii.)

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