Samsung taking these steps to make Galaxy S8 safe

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Samsung isn't pulling any punches in its bid to keep you safe with the Galaxy S8, according to a new report.

Samsung plans to keep most of its battery manufacturing inside its walls and will only work with a well-respected company in Japan on the work it can't do on its own, according to a report out of Korea from local media outlet HankYung.

Approximately 80 percent of Samsung's Galaxy S8 battery will be produced by Samsung, and the remaining 20 percent will be completed by Japan's Murata Manufacturing, the report, which was earlier discovered by BGR, claims.

The Galaxy S8 will be critical to Samsung's business. If it performs well and proves safe, Samsung will be able to revitalize a brand that was hit hard last year by the Galaxy Note 7. That device was well-received among reviewers and consumers but was eventually discontinued after it started to heat up and explode.

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The Galaxy Note 7 proved exceedingly troubling to Samsung, cost the company billions of dollars, and still hovers over the company's next big release, the Galaxy S8. That device, which could come with several improvements, including a bigger screen and new touch-based home button, is expected to reach store shelves in April.

Apparently cognizant of the threat another battery kerfuffle could cause, Samsung last month revealed its findings on the Galaxy Note 7's battery problems and promised improved testing and safety regulations in the future. Samsung said that the batteries from two different suppliers were caused by various problems.

As part of its effort to address future possible battery flaws, Samsung announced broad testing rules, including taking a battery apart to inspect its components. If the Korean report is correct, Samsung is also considering nixing its reliance upon other companies to deliver its batteries and instead relying on its own people to ensure the batteries are properly manufactured.

Samsung's Galaxy S8 could make a brief appearance later this month at Mobile World Congress during the company's press event on Feb. 26. A full unveiling will take place either in March or in early April ahead of its release.