Samsung Galaxy S IV to Challenge iPhone 5 with 5-inch Screen

Samsung feels its feature set already outshines Apple's, but the next generation model of the Samsung's flagship Galaxy S handset is already allegedly on the drawing board and looks to one (inch) up the iPhone 5 in another way: screen size. Unnamed Samsung officials speaking to the Korean Times said that the Galaxy S IV should expand the handset's screen size to five inches, up from the 4.8-inch display on the Galaxy S III.

If true, the five-inch display would be a full inch larger than the iPhone 5's 4-inch screen, but still smaller than the 5.5-inch Galaxy Note II. While the Galaxy S IV is slated to use a Samsung-produced OLED display, production woes may prevent it from using the company's flexible display technology, which has been shown off at exhibitions for years but has yet to appear in an actual production model. Earlier reports claimed the technology was scheduled to start appearing in Samsung's mobile devices sometime this year.

Aside from the increase in screen size the Galaxy S IV's exterior should look fairly similar to the Galaxy S III, the sources said. Internally, the sources reported that the Galaxy S IV will -- somewhat obviously -- still include a 4G LTE radio, but they also say that Samsung hopes to ditch the Qualcomm processors found in some variants of the Galaxy S III (including the U.S. versions) in favor of the company's own quad-core Exynos chips.

The newspaper claims that the Galaxy S IV will rear its head at Mobile World Congress next February and be on store shelves by March 2013.

Via ZDNet