The largest gun show in the world opened its doors in Las Vegas this week, revealing 12.5 miles of firearms, ammunition and related gear from every major gun manufacturer on earth.

Rifles and shotguns dominated The annual SHOT show -- short for Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade -- this year, with many companies choosing this high-profile stage to reveal their new models for 2013.

In the Wild West, Winchester Repeating Arms made the Model 1873 lever action rifle often referred to as the gun that won the West.

At SHOT show 2013, Winchester announced the return of this historic classic; you can now buy the 20-round barrel Model 73 with its signature oil-finished walnut stock and blued-steel crescent butt plate.

Making this beauty your own would set you back $1,300.

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In the shotgun space, the company’s new 18-inch barrel Super X Pump Marine Defender, tactical ribbed for better control, has a drilled and tapped alloy receiver for scope bases.

For enhanced endurance against wear and environmental conditions, this model has matte hard-chrome plating on the barrel and magazine tube. The barrel is equipped with an Invecto Plus choke system and a removable Tru Glo fiber-optic front sight.

Available for just under $370, this model’s synthetic stock has textured gripping surfaces with an Inflex Technology recoil pod.

SIG Sauer
SIG Sauer unveiled five rifles including models for tactical purposes this year.

The new SIG SMG, arguably the most tactical of their new rifles, is now available in 9mm, S&W .40 and .357 SIG.

All four variants of the SIG SMG have MSR ergonomics and are equipped with a structure that removes the need to make gas system adjustments. You can use subsonic loads like +P ammo and frangible loads. It takes 10, 20 and 30 round capacities of proprietary ammunition.

A 12-inch, internally suppressed system; 6.5-inch pistol; 6.5-inch barrel SMG/SBR with a telescoping stock; and 16-inch carbine are the four options available.

Twenty-gauge shotgun models are often popular with small-framed women because they are lighter, easier to handle and have less recoil than the 12-gauge shotgun- Weatherby’s new PA08 TR, priced at $399, looks to be another favorite.

The new 20-gauge pump action PA08 TR Threat Response Shotgun weighs a mere six pounds and is only 39 inches long. It has a straight stock with a CNC machined aluminum alloy receiver, and an 18.5-inch chrome-lined non-ribbed barrel chambered for three-inch shells.

Also new, the PA 459 Threat Response pump shotgun has the same CNC aluminum alloy receiver and barrel, same length and about the same weight, but includes some extra features reflected in its $499 price tag.

This model’s barrel has an extended and ported choke tube and the upper receiver has a Picatinny rail compatible with most red dot sights. It’s equipped with an adjustable Ghost Ring sight to enable rapid targeting.

For those concerned about a looming zombie threat, Remington introduced a tactical 12- gauge semi-auto Versa Max Zombie available for $1,599.

It has a 22-inch vent rib barrel and extended magazine with a Pro Bore Tactical choke tube. A straight ventilated rib “Gargoyle Green” camo version and Exposition Pink Camo version receiver rail compatible with optical sights version are available.

Remington also introduced a new pump-action 12-gauge 870 Tactical with an 18.5-inch barrel, Magpul Stock with detachable cheek risers to use optics and MOE forend.

Available for about $870, this 870 Tactical model’s barrel and receiver have a CeraKote coating, a one piece magazine tube, and the picatinny-style adjustable XS Ghost Ring sight rail, and it’s equipped with a SuperCell recoil pad.

Remington introduced a bunch of new rifles, but it was the new bolt action Remington Model 783 that received the most buzz. Available for $450, the word on the floor was that it delivers the same performance as the 770 SPS model (yet it’s easier on the wallet).

La Rue
I’d be remiss not to mention LaRue Tactical. While the company did not introduce any new models, its current rifles were there and are exceptionally crafted.

LaRue attracted not just those in the know, but also hosted a number of celebrities in the field, from best-selling author Brad Thor to Top Shot Season 3 winner Dustin Ellerman.

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