Qualcomm Update GameCommand App, Goes for Guinness World Record

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Qualcomm has made quite a name for itself, powering some of the more powerful mobile devices including  and . In addition to equipping our devices with processors, the company is also dedicated to delivering a compelling gaming experience. In fact, Qualcomm has recently ported "Vendetta Online" onto Android. The company has also partnered with Rockstar Games to bring "Max Payne Mobile" to the Android OS.

During our visit to Qualcomm's Gaming Challenge booth at E3, we spent some time with Qualcomm GameCommand, an Android app that organizes and filters our games. Launching the app displayed the games currently in our direction. A distinct watermark indicated which apps were optimized for Snapdragon processors. Games can be organized a number of ways including recently played and newest.

Searching for new games in the app will automatically inform users if the game is compatible with the device. From there, clicking on the game to download will transfer users to Google Play to complete the transaction. GameCommand also aggregates gaming news from a number of outlets, making it easily accessible. Instead of littering your homescreen with an abundance of game icons, the app consolidates everything into one main icon. Clicking on the icon takes the viewer to the game list.

Not content with having a simply good E3, Qualcomm is seeking to make it legendary, by attempting to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records. As we spoke with Qualccomm reps 26 gamers out of an original 32 were hidden away working to set the world's first tablet gaming record. Surrounded by hawk-eyed judges and Guinness cameras, the players were in their 22nd hour of play with only small 20 second breaks in between. To claim the world record the gamers must last for 24 hours, however Qualcomm's goal is 26 hours. First for the surviving player is a $20K cash prize.