Plan your night with Tinder Social

Tinder wants to help you achieve your squad goals.

After a successful beta in Australia, the dating app today officially launched Tinder Social in the country, as well as the US, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and India. It lets users create groups and make plans with like-minded friends, like getting a crowd together for a pub crawl, local gig, or house party.

"Tinder Social is designed to make it as easy as possible to plan your night, get out into the real world and meet new people," CEO Sean Rad said in a statement. "The new feature takes the Tinder experience to the next level, offering our users more ways to expand their social circles and interact with potential matches."

Update the Tinder app to "unlock" (opt-into) Tinder Social: The feature can then be toggled on or off at any time, letting you decide when and where you show up as a potential group member.

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Click "Start a group," and the app presents a list of Facebook friends who are signed up. Together, you can form a clique (only one at a time) and swipe right or left on other groups. If at least one member of both factions gives a thumbs up to the other, it's a match.

Users can communicate via chat—suggest activities like watching the game or going to Happy Hour—until noon the next day, after which the group expires and you can move on to the next party.

"We believe [Tinder Social is] the ultimate tool for planning your next adventure," Rad said.

While the company pitches this as a way to expand your circle of friends, it's also been considered the perfect tool to plan group hookups… if that's your thing.

Some folks, meanwhile, recently expressed concern that the feature basically outs to Facebook friends the fact that you're using Tinder—bad news for anyone trying to keep their online dating activities secret.

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