Partner up with these new high-tech fitness accessories for a boost in style, motivation, and protection

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Looking fit and having the latest accessories can be motivation in itself to hit the gym or get outside for a workout. Here are a few new high tech fitness gadgets to partner up with.

Hoodiebuddie -- starts at $26
Check out the Hoodiebuddie, and other people will surely be checking you out when you have one of these on. Not your ordinary sweatshirt, the drawstrings are actually built-in headphones. Plug your smartphone or music player into the audio jack inside the front pocket and high fidelity sound travels through embedded cables to the headphones located at the end of the drawstring strand.

These machine washable tops, available for men, women and children, come in a variety colors and styles starting at $26.00. Look stylish and work out tangle free.

myTREK Wireless Pulse Monitor -- $99
Everyone can use a little assistance while working out. myTREK Wireless Pulse Monitor is your all-in-one workout partner located right on your wrist. Monitor your pulse, calories burned, distance, and speed while running, cycling or any other activity. The watch is compatible with most smartphone apps you may already have, allowing you to wireless control settings, record workouts, and even manage your music.

Gauge your workout intensity across five difference color coded training zones. Keeping track of your consistent progress with just a few clicks helps to keep you motivated and stay on track.

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GripOn - $19.95
Protect your hands while lifting or doing Pilates with GripOn, a non slip fitness accessory compatible with most gym equipment. GripOn lends support to hands and wrists while using things like the pull up bar, free weights, and more.  Grip On also works on Pilates equipment such as the Cadillac, Electric Chair, Ladder Barrel, Pushup Handles, Wooden Ladder, Ped-O-Pul, etc.

The $19.95 GripOn technology increases your lifting power by preventing soreness from blisters or calluses while eliminating the need for chalk and gloves.

As an added bonus, the performance grips act as hygienic guards, and can be washed with soap and water to keep dirt, oils, and lotion residue from getting between you and pumping some iron.

Here’s how they work: