ooVoo for Facebook Enables 12-Person Video Conferences

Video-chatting service ooVoo is welcoming some new additions to the family. This week the company announced new Facebook and iPad apps which will join the ranks of its existing PC, iPhone and Android software.

With over 46 million users, ooVoo allows you to create chat rooms with up to 12 friends, outdoing Google+’s Hangout limit of 10 participants. Users can now log into ooVoo using their Facebook credentials, eliminating the need to create new accounts in order to take advantage of ooVoo’s services. Unlike competitor Skype, participants don’t need an ooVoo account to join an existing chat. Each chat is assigned a unique link which can be shared with potential chat buddies.

In addition, ooVoo now natively supports recording and uploading chat sessions to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. ooVoo said it added this archiving feature, because users who collaborate on music and other projects asked for the ability to share these sessions with friends who were not able to attend in real-time.

To get ooVoo for Facebook, check out its Facebook App page. You can also check the ooVoo website to get the app for the PC, iPhone, iPad or Android.