Old iPods, Walkmans and Game Boys selling on eBay for thousands- are you sitting on tech treasure?

Dust off your tech from yesteryear – old-school devices like iPods, Walkmans and Gameboys are fetching hundreds of pounds online.

Vintage technology buffs are shelling out big money for classic gadgets from the '80s, '90s and '00s on eBay, now deemed "collectables."

Unused items are selling for more, but second-hand tech can also net you some extra pocket money, according to The Mirror.

An original Nintendo Game Boy – which would've cost you £67.40 ($88) when it landed in 1989 – recently sold for a whopping £870 ($1,142) in its original polythene wrapping.

But a good condition model can still get you £165 ($216).

Even sealed classic Game Boy games in their original packaging, including Super Mario Land 2 and Megaman V, are fetching more than £500 ($656).

Those old enough to own a 1980s or 1990s Sony Walkman may be shocked to find out that it's going for up to £870 ($1,142), while the Sony Discman for CDs can sell for £130 ($170).

Some enterprising sellers are even listing Sony's portable cassette player for over £700 ($918).

More recent gizmos from the '00s are also lusted after by tech obsessives.

A first-generation Apple iPod from 2001, for example, is being listed for more than £12,000 ($15,752) – while second-gen versions are priced at up to £1,200 ($1,575).

Lost the packaging for your old iPod? Don't fret, the gadget could still bag you £170 ($223), rising to more than 300 quid if it's in mint condition.

And a first-generation iPhone could also bag you a tidy £170 ($223), rising to more than £300 ($393) if it’s in mint condition.

One eBay seller is advertising the first iPod for a staggering £12,118.16 ($15,907) at the time of writing.

A 1990s Tamagotchi digital pet also recently sold for £572.99 ($752.15). And a Nokia 3310 from 2000 is worth £108 ($141.77).

Old Apple Macintosh computers can also be worth a mini fortune: Macs dating back to 1984 are selling for between £1,000 ($1,312) and £2,000 ($2,625) on eBay.

Check out our eBay price guide to collectable old tech above to find out how much your devices could earn you.

This story originally appeared in The Sun.