Object of Lust: The 200-Megapixel, $45,000 Camera

How cutting edge can you get?

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The main stat people consider when buying a digital camera is megapixels: The more you have, the sharper the image. Sure, quality optics are a key factor as well, but when it comes to stats, more megapixels generally means better quality cameras.

That's why enthusiasts and amateurs alike are drooling over the recently announced Hasselblad H4D-200MS, which boasts an amazing 200-megapixel resolution and a heart-attack inducing $45,000 price tag.

The guts of the camera, Hasselblad's patented piezo frame module, captures six shots simultaneously and combines them into an astounding super-resolution picture.

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So why buy a camera that costs more than the average new car?

For one thing, there's the name, of course. Hasselblad has dominated the professional "medium format" market -- a film standard larger than the standard 24mm by 36mm format (which we all know as 35mm) but smaller than the 4-inch by 5-inch large format standard.

The company says the camera was designed for studio photographers, whose work requires the ultimate in resolution, extremely fine details and exacting color reproduction. "The H4D-200MS is ideal for capturing images of stationary items such as cars, jewelry, artwork and other high end products where there is no room for compromise in image quality," Hassleblad stated in a press release announcing the camera.

It features extended multi-shot capabilities and all the benefits of the H4D family of cameras such as True Focus, Ultra Focus and Digital Lens Correction, to name just a few.

Still unsure? Consider buying it in Europe. The 32,000 Euro pricetag sounds smaller, doesn't it?