Nokia VP Tells Samsung to 'Take Note' of Next-Gen Lumia

Nokia is making big news these days. First it announces a joint press event with Microsoft that will take place a week before Apple's presumed Sept. 12 iPhone 5 announcement, and now this. Nokia's Executive VP of sales and marketing, Chris Weber, has taken to the Twitterphere to call out Samsung, telling the company to, "take note, next generation Lumia coming soon."

Hear that? That's Weber dropping the digital gauntlet. Competing company's rarely, if ever, directly call out their rivals. Instead, they make not-so-veiled references to each other; Samsung's ads for the Galaxy S III depicting what are obviously meant to be Apple fans waiting in line to buy the next iPhone is a perfect example of this.

But Weber, who previously served as Nokia's U.S. president, named Samsung specifically, which makes his tweet that much more interesting. Whether Samsung should actually watch its back, however, is another story. The company is currently the largest smartphone maker in the world, a position that, incidentally, previously belonged the Nokia.

Nokia's currently working to regain some of its stature via its partnership with Microsoft and its Windows Phone operating system although Windows Phones have yet to catch on with the public at-large.

Should Weber's tweet be taken seriously? Is Nokia's next Lumia truly something that will help turn the company around and have the likes of Samsung looking over its shoulder? We'll find out when Nokia shows off the device at it's joint even with Microsoft on Sept. 5.