MSI GT60 and GT70 at CeBIT: Gaming Notebooks with Nvidia Graphics, Ivy Bridge (?)

Gigabyte isn't the only company with new gaming systems to unveil at CeBIT. MSI is also here with two new notebooks: the GT60 (16 inches) and the GT70. MSI wouldn't show us any demos of the graphics on either machine because the GPU is still under wraps. We can tell you that the notebooks are Nvidia-powered, and when they ship in June they will almost certainly ship with Intel's Ivy Bridge CPU.

The GT60 and GT70 are the first gaming notebooks to feature SteelSeries keyboards, which include multi-color backlighting that can be configured to suite your fragging preferences. You have plenty of ports on board, too: USB 2.0, USB 3.0 (including sleep and charge capability for juicing gadgets even when the notebook is off), HDMI and an optical drive. And there's no slacking on storage with these systems: MSI will offer two SSDs in a RAID 0 configuration plus the standard hard drive.