Monitor your baby’s health with just a sock

Salt Lake City-based Owlet Baby Care has developed a sock that helps parents monitor their baby’s vital signs when he’s asleep.  It provides an up-to-the minute assessment of the newborn’s health.

Fox News’ Adam Housley spoke to the company’s co-founder Jordan Monroe about the device and how it works.

Monroe says his baby monitor stands out from the competition.

“Ours is a whole lot different … with the little electronics that go inside [the sock] it can help parents monitor the baby’s heart rate, oxygen levels, skin temperature, sleep position, and sleep quality,” said Monroe.

The sock not only shares vital signs, but can tell parents if their child needs attention.

“If the [baby] rolls onto their stomach, which is a very unsafe way to sleep … you get an alert to go flip them onto their belly,” said Monroe.

Monroe said the idea for the device came from his friend (and father-to-be) Kurt Workman, who was taking care of his twin cousins.

“One of them had cerebral palsy,” said Monroe. “In that moment of taking care of these infants the idea hit him that … there has got to be a way to deliver confidence to parents and help them not worry so much about [their infants].”

As the data is gathered from the sock, the information is sent over wifi to the parents' smartphones, where the Owlet app shares the statistics with the parents.

Answering concerns, Monroe said the signal coming from the sock won’t pose a threat to the baby’s health. “As far as radio waves, it’s 1/100 of what your cell phone does … your cell phone in your pocket is probably doing more damage than this.”

Monroe said factoring in comfort was key when designing the sock. “We made it [the sock] able to fit [any newborn] up to 1 year old.” He added though that you can use the sock “as long it fits” the baby’s foot.

The price for the product is $250 and only available for pre-order at

Monroe said because of high demand, the product won’t ship until late December.