Microsoft Has Major Announcement June 18th, Looks Like Tablets

Microsoft has just sent us an invitation for a major event June 18th, just two days before the company is expected to provide a sneak peak of the next Windows Phone. How important and exclusive is this event? Microsoft isn't even sending venue details until Monday morning--the day of the event--though we do know it will take place in Los Angeles. This sounds pretty big to us.

As for the topic, there's already lots of speculation out there. All Things D is reporting that Microsoft's event will focus on tablets:

Since Microsoft has already shared a lot of info on Windows 8, this event might center around Windows RT, which looks like Windows 8 but will be powered by ARM-based processors. These slates won't be able to run desktop applications but will support applications downloaded from the Windows Store.

Then again, the event could be about something other than tablets entirely. ZDNet's Mary Jo-Foley guesses that this could be the Xbox Music unveiling, which would replace Zune. The reasoning? This is LA, where a lot of the entertainment industry is headquartered. Perhaps this will be a larger announcement around Microsoft's entertainment services in general, which would include movies and books as well.

There's an outside possibility this event could mark Microsoft Office's debut on the iPad, but the location doesn't make sense to us. So what do you think Microsoft will announce? We'll be there to bring you all the details.

via All Things D, ZDNet