MicroMint Concept App Shows Account Balances on WIMM One Smartwatch

You may have caught wind of the fact that we're big fans of the WIMM One, so we were excited to see some developments emerge on the smartwatch's apps front at the Intuit Innovation Gallery Walk in New York City. Here, the software company demoed a concept app called MicroMint, essentially the popular financial tracking app Mint.com ported over to the WIMM One's tiny 1.41-inch display running Android 2.1.

We got the chance to play with the app a little bit, and the interface was admittedly a little spare, with dead simple controls. Of course, this suits the WIMM Watch perfectly since virtually anything on a screen that small has to flaunt as basic a design as possible. To navigate through the app, we swiped right and left to see the different balances for accounts linked to the test dummy's Mint.com account. We were told that the app didn't have a limit on how many accounts could be added, and that updates occurred in real time. MicroMint isn't exactly an earth-shattering solution to a profound problem, but it does provide you with the tiny extra convenience of not having to whip out your smartphone just to check if you shouldn't be using your debit card.

The most intriguing tidbit of the demo, however, came at the very end. The Intuit representative we spoke with hinted that with NFC — a feature that could likely be onboard in WIMM's next iteration of the smartwatch — there might be much more potential for the MicroMint app. Imagine: Soon you might be able to pay for your groceries with a simple wave of your wrist. Living in the future is wonderful.