Michael Moore skewers American war policy in documentary, Where to Invade Next

The latest controversial doc from celebrated director Michael Moore is headed our way. The Oscar winner revealed that he has a new film set to debut at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival in September, Where to Invade Next, which looks at the U.S. government and our country's approach to war.

As for the topic, Moore shared during a live-streamed Q&A session Tuesday afternoon on Periscope that he chose the subject matter because he's long been bothered by "the issue of the United States in infinite war." It's also a subject he felt "provides the necessary satire for this film."

He expanded, describing America's approach to overseas conflicts as "this constant need to always have an enemy … so we can keep this whole military industrial complex alive, and keep the companies that make a lot of money in business."

Moore managed to keep the making of Where to Invade Next under wraps during production, leaving it to TIFF organizers to announce the big news. "I've been very quiet about the making of this film," he said. "We've been very diligent about keeping this under cover."

Once the announcement broke, though, Moore tweeted it out.