Fear of technology? A man attacked a 300-pound security robot in Mountain View, California, according to local police.

A man in the Silicon Valley town has been arrested after allegedly attacking a Knightscope K5 security robot. He claimed he was trying to "test" the robot.

41-year-old Jason Sylvain is accused of knocking over the 300 lb.-robot after witnesses reported a prowler near Knightscope's offices in Mountain View, California.


"When we arrived, we met with Sylvain, and as we were speaking with him, he appeared confused, had red, glassy eyes and a strong odor of alcohol emitted from him," a spokeswoman for the Mountain View police department told CNET.

Sylvain has been charged with being drunk in public and a Knightscope employee requested his arrest for prowling.

The robot, after it was allegedly assaulted, immediately started sounding its alarms and the suspect tried to get away but was detained by a Knightscope employee, according to Stacy Dean Stephens, Knightscope's vice president of marketing and sales, until the police arived on the scene.

Luckily, the robot was unharmed and only suffered minor scratches and has since returned to work.