Lenovo to Split Into Two This April, Target High-End Market

As of April 1st, Lenovo will split itself into two new groups to better compete in the high-end consumer and business market, according to a company e-mail.

The Lenovo Business Group will take under its wing the company's mainstream and business notebook, desktop, tablet, smartphone, and smart TV production, and the Think Business Group will be tasked with increasing the reach of is Think brand in the consumer space.

In an internal e-mail yesterday, which comes just as CES 2013 is starting, CEO Yang Yuanqing acknowledged that while there have been some attempts by the company to make the Lenovo brand more appealing to the high-end crowd, its Think brand is the only one that has done well enough to compete with Apple on that side of the spectrum.

When the split goes into effect, Lenovo Business Group will be headed by Senior Vice President of Mobile Internet Digital Home Liu Jun, while Think Business Group will have Senior Vice President of Product Group Dr. Peter Hortensius at the helm.

Time will tell whether this restructuring will be successful. In the meantime, stay tuned for further developments on this story.

via Engadget