Leg-free platforming returns to mobile devices with Rayman Adventures

Although a follow-up to the outstanding Rayman Legends was missing in action from Ubisoft's E3 press conference this year, that doesn't mean that the limbless wonder isn't still getting attention. The publisher has announced that a new mobile-exclusive Rayman game, Rayman Adventures, is coming this fall, and it's in development at Rayman's birthplace, Ubisoft Montpellier.

"Rayman Adventures bring players on an odyssey where they will explore legendary worlds, from whimsical castles to the mythical lands of Olympus," states Ubisoft in the official announcement. Surprisingly, the announcement also emphasizes that players can "freely move around as they like," which is a departure from the auto-running platforming of previous Rayman mobile games such as Rayman Jungle Run.

Gameplay shown in the official reveal trailer, which you can see above, looks almost identical to Rayman Legends, showing off many of the series' classic moves, as well as other playable characters. The last few Rayman games on console have required quite a bit of dexterity, so the transition to a "traditional" Rayman on mobile with virtual buttons and thumbsticks could pose a problem. It is, however, the first mobile Rayman developed by Ubisoft Montpellier -- Pastagames and Ubisoft Casablanca handled Jungle Run and Fiesta Run, respectively.

Ubisoft calls Rayman Adventures a "major step in bringing players an HD console-quality experience on mobile," which is something the publisher has experimented with in the past. The tear-jerking World War I game Valiant Hearts saw an iOS release several months after it launched on traditional consoles and PC, and since it uses the same UbiArt Framework engine, Rayman is another logical choice. Thus far, the game's website only lists iOS as a platform, although the ambiguity of the term "smartphones and tablets" could very well mean that the game eventually makes its way to Android, as well.