Kindle Fire 2 could appear on July 31

The Kindle Fire has been lighting up the Android tablet sales charts, but if you've been slow to pick one up, you might want to wait another month or so before deciding to buy: a "credible source" has told CNET that Amazon plans on introducing the second iteration of the low-cost tablet on July 31st.

CNET notes that it can't confirm that date through other channels, however. The single source claims that the Kindle Fire 2 will sport a camera and physical volume buttons, two features that early buyers of the original Kindle Fire have been clamoring for.

The source didn't mention any other improvements, though rumors have been floating around that Amazon may be considering a lower-cost "Special Offers" version of the Fire, mirroring the subsidized Kindle with Special Offers e-readers that the company offers.

In other Kindle Fire 2 news, DigiTimes' sources claim that the Kindle Fire 2 will ship with 1,280x800 resolution display. (The current Kindle Fire has a 1,024x600 display.) That publication, however, says that the Kindle Fire 2 wouldn't ship until the third quarter, with the price of the current Kindle Fire being dropped to $150 beforehand in order to reduce inventory. Be warned: DigiTimes' sources have a notoriously poor record for reliability so take that info with several large grains of salt.