Kensington Shows Off Travel-Friendly Mobile Accessories at CES 2013

Kensington has long been known as one of the kings of mobile accessories, offering an array of products ranging from styli to tablet covers. At CES 2013, the company is showing off a small horde of tools designed to make traveling a bit less onerous for road warriors.

Most intriguing is the Proximo monitoring system, which consists of an iPhone 4S/5 app, a Bluetooth key fob and a circular Bluetooth tag. Kensington's app can keep tap on up to five of the Bluetooth devices simultaneously, and if you (or your tagged item) wanders outside of the Bluetooth range, it'll display the GPS coordinates of the tag's last-known location on a map. Lock yourself out of your house often? The Proximo app can also be configured to sound an alarm if you move a customizable distance away from a tag.

Proximo sounds useful for forgetful types, but you may also want to keep an eye on Blutracker's IndieGoGo campaign. Assuming the project is funded and actually delivers, Blutracker promises similar tracking capabilities, but with a more robust feature set and whopping 2.5 mile range. Kensington's Proximo costs $59.99 for a starter kit, then $29.99 for additional Bluetooth tags.

Next up is the Contour Overnight Backpack, a spacious knapsack built for frequent travelers. The Contour Overnight Backpack packs a headphone port for music players, a liquids pouch, and padded straps. The star of the show is the backpack's notebook-toting chops, however. It can hold laptops up to 15.6-inches in size in a "SnugFit" compartment that provides basic drop prevention, and more handily, the $89.99 Contour Overnight Backpack can unzip and be laid flat, laptop compartment facing upwards. That eliminates the need to yank the entire notebook out of your backpack at airport security checkpoints.

Kensington also unveiled a $49.99 TriFold Folio Case for the iPad, which doubles as a stand. Like Apple's own Smart Cover, the opening and closing the "leather-inspired textile" cover turns your iPad on and off, respectively. The case is available in black, grey, brown or red. Finally, the company also announced a trio of USB car chargers: a 1 amp charger for the iPhone 5, a 2.1 amp charger for iOS devices released in 2012, and a charger sporting a pair of 2.1 amp connections.