John McAfee reveals his secret hiding place: his home

Tech mega mogul John McAfee, wanted by Belizean police in connection to the murder of a U.S. expatriate, revealed where he has been hiding for the past six days: at his compound, in Belize. And police tell they're on the way over.

It's a fresh twist on the increasingly bizarre tale of McAfee, the former security software mogul who founded the company of the same name. McAfee has spent six days out of sight yet hiding in plain sight, chatting on the phone with Joshua Davis, a reporter from Wired magazine and Jeff Wise, a writer from Gizmodo. Late Friday night, McAfee told CNBC where he had been hiding the whole time.

"I am," he said via telephone Friday afternoon, "where I am most of the time. I am certainly inside my compound."

Belize Police Department spokesman Raphael Martinez told the local police were aware of the latest claims from McAfee and were investigating.

"That has been passed on to the police in San  Pedro," Martinez said. "They are checking it out right now."

Martinez said that McAfee has several buildings on his ocean front compound on Ambergris Caye, a stretch of island just off the Belizean shore dotted with resorts. Anyone of them may have a difficult to detect safe house, Wise wrote recently. Apparently, neighbors are unsurprised by the latest bizarre twist to the case.

"If I had to guess, I'd say he's in his house," one of his neighbors told Wise Wednesday, adding "He's such a media whore, he's probably loving it."

According to a police report, American expatriate Gregory Faull, a builder from Florida, was shot last Saturday night in the Central American country where McAfee has lived the last several years. Police in Belize say Faull's body was discovered at his house Sunday morning by 39-year-old Belizean housekeeper Laura Tun. He was lying face up in a pool of blood, the report said, with a gunshot wound to the head.

McAfee told Wired he hid out while the cops combed the property, burying himself in sand with a cardboard box over his head to breathe. He knew nothing about the death, he claimed

Apparently, he never left.