Jeb Bush is an Apple fanboy

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush has revealed his love of Apple technology.

In a 46-second campaign video entitled “Jeb’s Silicon Valley Favorites List” Bush chooses iPhone over BlackBerry and, when given a choice between Apple Watch and apple pie, proudly brandishes Apple’s new wearable device.

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The former Florida governor opts for Apple’s MacBook Pro when asked to choose between a laptop and an iPad. He also reveals his eager anticipation for driverless cars in the YouTube video, which was published Thursday.

Bush, however, will not be taking any style tips from America’s tech icons. When asked to choose between Steve Jobs’ turtleneck and Mark Zuckerberg’s hoodie, he states his preference for the blue dress shirt he is wearing.

Politicians’ gadget preferences remain a source of fascination for techies, as evidenced by the high level of interest in President Obama’s BlackBerry usage.