iPod touch Hands-on: Colorful, Super Slim and Ready to Shoot

If you remember back when Apple introduced the iPad 2, it wasn't just about how thin it was. Apple created a whole new type of accessory in the Smart Cover that magnetically attached to the design. Apple is doing the same type of ingenious hardware integration again with the new iPod touch, which starts at $299 for 32GB.

Press a button in the bottom left corner and it extends to accommodate a new iPod touch loop that will keep the device in your hands when you're shooting photos and videos. After all, this thing is so light and thin it might float out of your hands if you're not careful.

Seriously, at 3.1 ounces and .24 inches thick, the new iPod touch makes the Galaxy Player look like a Zack Morris phone. The aluminum design is not only feather-like, Apple has added a splash of color with five different hues to choose from. Plus, Apple color matches the iPod touch loops with the back of the player itself. You won't want or need a cover with these devices. Our only nitpick is that the design is so tall that we felt ourselves stretching to reach the power button up top.

The iPod touch sports the same big and beautiful 4-inch 1136-640-pixel display on the iPhone 5, which makes this a great widescreen movie player and also a fantastic gaming device (once developers get their act in gear). Siri is also on board an iPod touch for the first time, so you'll be able to ask who won last night's game and book restaurant reservations with your voice.

While not as powerful as the iPhone 5, the A5 chip inside the new iPod touch gives you plenty of muscle to play the latest games (7X more graphics performance), and the 5-MP camera can take crisp photos in a hurry. And with iOS 6, you can take panoramic photos. You can also record 1080p footage.

Of course, $299 isn't chump change, but if you don't want to tie you (or your tweens) to a 2-year contract the new iPod touch looks like the portable media player to beat this holiday.