How to Share Your Notebook's Internet Connection with the Nexus 7

So we know how to share your phone's internet with your laptop using a WiFi tethering app, but what if you are in the unique situation where you might need to share your laptop's internet with your phone or tablet? Some of these unique situations include:

  • Logged in to a VPN on the laptop and want to use that on your phone
  • In a hotel that charges by the device
  • You have a 4G connection card built in to your laptop

Either way, here is how to share your laptop's internet connection with your Nexus 7.

1. Head to the Virtual Router page on your Windows PC and download their free Virtual Router software to your Desktop.

2. Install the Virtual Router program.

3. Open the Virtual Router program.

4. Enter in an 8 character password in the password field.

5. Click Start Virtual Router.

6. On your device, go to Settings > WiFi > Turn it ON and search for the network named VirtualRouter.

7. Connect to it and put in the password you setup. Done.

8. If you want to turn off the Virtual Router, simply click Stop Virtual Router.

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