Give your workout a high-tech tune up with some new gear and gadgets. FoxNews.com checked out some innovative fitness gear to keep you looking good, feeling good, and on track and motivated.

Nike Fuelband
How active are you? Want to know what your walk to work, daily stair climb, and weekly workouts all add up to? There's a high tech gadget for that: the Nike Fuelband.

First set up an account with Nikefuel online and plug the band into a USB port. You can also monitor your activity by downloading the app on your smartphone and connecting through Bluetooth. The arm band tracks your activity by steps, calories, time, or "nikefuel" points.

Set daily, weekly, or monthly goals to keep you motivated and on track to meet your fitness goals.

This gadget is especially helpful to those trying to lose weight, showing that every movement counts!

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Download Nike + Fuelband: Apple iTunes

Icebreaker Merino
When you're putting on your gym gear, you most likely aren't thinking about clothing made of wool. But a new line of attire may change your mind. Icebreaker Merino is light, breathable, and unrestrictive for working out in cold or warm temperatures.

A performance fiber invented by nature, the merino combines traditional wool, synthetics and cotton.

"Being a natural fiber, it pulls all of the moisture off the skin and the moisture can pass through the fiber as well as the fabric, dispersing it into the environment," Nick Quesnel of Icebreaker told FoxNews.com.

Icebreaker claims it has the ability to ward off smells, too. “You can run a marathon and still smell as sweet as if you've spent the day on the sofa,” reads Icebreaker's website. We will have to put this to the test!

All garments have pockets and holders for your iPod and other electronic gear—keeping them secure and dry as well.

Another cool feature is that each product can be put through a barcode traceability program that lets you trace the merino wool back to the source. “You can see the living conditions of the sheep, meet the growers who raised them, and follow the production process through to the finished garment.” Icebreaker claims.

Do you listen to music when working out at the gym? Or read from an electronic device? Keep your electronic gear safe and dry using TowelMate's zippered protective pockets to carry your gadgets while working out.

The made for the gym towel also has a germ shield sweat proof barrier with two different sides to use: one side labeled “skin” to wipe your face, and the other to rest on gym equipment, labeled “gym.”  The germ shield is a water-resistant interlining. It limits contact and exposure to germs by preventing them from passing through from gym side to skin side.