High-tech collar turns cats into cyber warriors

You may think a house cat has no purpose except to sleep all day and enjoy a little cat nip. But thanks to a new technology, cats can suss out cyber hackers with the Warkitteh Collar.

The high-tech collar has a "spark core board which is capable of mapping out wireless networks as well as their weak points."

Next! Everyone thinks their state is the best, but there is one state that is better than the rest: Virginia. The southern state has the fastest Internet speed and apptgeek.com shared that the state for lovers and apparently fans of a fast Internet connection has a speed of 13.7 megabits per second. The slowest sate? Alaska.

Finally, diamonds are not just a girl's best friend -- now they are everyone's. Engadget.com reports that researchers would like to flood people with diamonds in order to detect diseases like cancer before they spread.

"Young biotech company called Bikanta comes in: the team has started to use fluorescent nanodiamonds -- basically a dust of crushed, imperfect diamonds -- to help ferret out those tiny, troublesome proto-tumors before they get a chance to spread."