Hibernate at home comfortably with these winter apps

It’s winter -- despite the lack of snow across most of the U.S. -- and temperatures may not be freezing but they're definitely cold. The solution? Hibernate inside in comfort with these new app / hardware combos for your house. They may even help you save on your energy bill.


Save energy using Nest, the learning thermostat. First install the device in your home, then download the app to control it. Adjust the thermostat as you would your old one and within a week it will learn what keeps you comfortable and auto adjust.

Having the Nest app installed on your smartphone also gives you the ability to adjust the temp anytime from anywhere. If you're going to be home later than usual, simply tap to turn the heat down. The app is free; the hardware costs $249.

Download Nest: Apple iTunes
Mobilewalla score: 21 out of 100.

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Here’s how it works:


Peel suggests TV shows for you based on what you like to watch. Download the app and hook the device up to your TV. From there you can check out what your friends are watching and chat about it via your social network.

No need for a channel guide or remote -- the universal control function lets you easily command your entertainment system with playback, volume control, DVR and Apple TV capabilities. The app is free, the remote costs $79.

Download Peel: Apple iTunes
Mobilewalla score: 37 out of 100.


The power to control your entire house is in your hand. Alarm.com remotely arm or disarm your home, control your lights and lock and unlock door all through an app and a system of sensors. You can even program personalized entry codes, so you can see who is coming and going.  and it’s system of sensors.

Get started by downloading the app. The cost and installation of the sensors vary. You can find a dealer near you at alarm.com.

Download Alarm.com: Apple iTunes
Mobilewalla score: 30 out of 100.