To catch a glimpse of Santa, children in decades past had to sneak down to the living room and hope they caught him coming down the chimney.

These days, there is the Santa Stakeout Kit. It has everything you need - from camouflage to a thermal imager to tactical super hearing – to ambush St. Nick in his tracks. But this kit will take plenty of allowance money, since it costs $6,499.00.

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And from a look at the goodies on this list, you probably can use it long after the holidays – maybe to slay that imaginary monster in your closet or scare your cat.

Once you have the kit, you had best strap on the winter OPMOD Ghillie suit which should give you cover as Santa lands on your rooftop. The suit - which looks like strands of beige rags cover the entire body - can be purchased on its own for $54.99. And if you need additional protection, the kit includes a winter cover that cost $88.99 on its own and allows you to blend into the snowy environment.

It could be a long cold night on your Santa Stakeout, so it is a good idea to bring some snacks. Hot cocoa is always a good idea. To stay warm and comfortable as the clock approaches midnight, the kit includes a soft hammock, hand warmers, and a sleeping bag.

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It will also be critical to get some advanced warning that Santa and his reindeer-driven sleigh are coming in for a landing. For that, the kit includes the Pro Hear IV BTE Digital Hearing Device that enhances and amplifies sound. You should be able to hear the ho, ho, hos from miles away. It can also be purchased for $373.99.

And if this Santa keeps quiet, then you will have to spot him from the sky. The kit includes a Redfield Rebel 8x42mm Binoculars that are robust enough to withstand snowy nights and can be purchased on their own for $125.49.

But what if it’s took dark to see anything and Rudolph’s nose has gone on the fritz? Then, you will need a FLIR Scout PS-24 Thermal Camera. With this thermal imager, you can find Santa's heat signature even in the dark.

Once on the ground, you want to win over Santa and his reindeer. For that, you will need the Cass Creek Harmon Mule Deer Female in Heat Scent. It can be purchased for only $13.99 on its own. Open this little bottle and Santa’s reindeer will think there are female deer hanging out with you - and they won’t be able to trot over for a closer look.

And once you have lured Santa inside with those milk and cookies, you will need some proof he was actually in your living room.

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To nab a photo, first you need to light up the room. Brite Strike Technologies Tactical Balls ($39.99 by themselves) are designed to rapidly illuminate rooms and distract bad guys… but they can also be useful for Santa spotting.

Particularly effective in the dark, the lightweight tactical light balls have an uneven weight distribution that makes them wobble and spin in random patterns while springing light upon Santa when he least expects it.

While Santa is illuminated by your Brite Strikes, you can grab that selfie with the Canon Powershot Sx50 HS Compact Digital Camera 6352B001. With this camera, you can snap five high quality shots in just a second before he disappears up the chimney.