Hands-on with the Tactus Technology's Morphing Keyboard

Physical keyboards on a mobile device are a dying breed, much to the chagrin of touch typists everywhere. However Tactus Technology, delivered a ray of hope with its microfluidics innovation that can raise and lower the keys on a keyboard with the simple touch of the button.

We tested out a prototype of the Tactile Layer keyboard on a 7-inch Android tablet and were instantly impressed. Similar to Serta Posturepedic mattress, we raised the keys to a point that felt comfortable. As we typed on the landscape-oriented keyboard, the fluid-filled keys delivered firm, tactile feedback, that resembled typing on the Motorola Droid 4, but with better spacing between the keys.

When the keys were lowered, our fingers glided effortlessly over the surface and we entered text without interference from the indentations. The only caveat is that the physical keyboard is static, which meant we were unable to use it in portrait perspective. However since the technology is still in prototype form, we can hope that Tactus will find a way to incorporate their keyboard in both perspectives.

Tactus Technology has previously said it expects its technology to power a new generation of tablets, smartphone, e-readers and car displays. But there is no ETA on when those might start arriving.