Group unveils animal-free robot petting zoo

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First up!  Everyone deserves love -- even the dearly departed. Hence a dating site for ghosts and you! claims to match the living and the dead. To test it out, I typed in my vital signs, including my date of birth, zodiac sign, and preferred way that my ghost boyfriend died (that one was a little morbid).

My new boo-friend (ha!) is named Gilbert and was run over by a horse and buggy in the early 1900s. Sadly, i haven’t seen or heard from him except through a Ouija board. Frustrating.

Next! Some people don’t like cuddly cute animals -- and for those that are dead inside, science has a solution: a robot petting zoo.

It was created by Minimaforms and allows for an interactive experience with artificially intelligent creatures.  Like real creatures, the robots in this zoo engage visitors and evolve their behaviors over time.  And the cool part is, unlike regular petting zoos, nothing smells like cow manure.

Finally!  No one likes a cyber troll -- those bitter people who live in their mom's basement commenting on other's lives without living their own. is tired of them too and has created the complete guide to Twitter etiquette.  Among the site’s tips: don’t overshare. No one wants to know about your fiber intake. Express your opinions smartly -- make sure to know the topic you’re discussing at least a little bit.

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And finally, don’t start a Twitter war with Jimmy Kimmel unless you're Kayne West. Celine Dion is fair game, however.