Gorilla Glass 3 Promises Triple the Scratch Resistance

How much tougher can Gorilla Glass get? The company that's saved smartphones and tablets the world over from key scratches and unsightly cracks is out to top itself with brand new Gorilla Glass 3 technology that will be on display at CES 2013 next week.

This time around Corning is emphasizing glass structure with three times the scratch resistance of its predecessor. The new screens will boast a 40 percent reduction in visible scratches, and 50 percent boost in left-over strength after the material hits its shelf-life. Gorilla Glass 3 uses a new proprietary tech called Native Damage Resistance which improves the durability of glass deep down on the atomic level.

According to Corning, you can presently find Gorilla Glass on 900 product models and about a billion individual devices. Next week Corning will demonstrate the impact absorption of its next-generation screens on the coming fleet of Gorilla-armed devices. We're not sure if the demos will feature a hammer, chainsaw, or even a car tire at loggerheads with the new tough-screens, but follow us during CES to see if the gorilla stands strong after all the dust settles.