Google's Sergey Brin Says Project Glass to Launch in 2013

Google's Project Glass is the most significant concept to come out of Google's X lab since the company fist unveiled its self-driving car initiative. Unfortunately, no one, besides the company's Sergey Brin, has been seen wearing the augmented reality glasses. Until last week that is.

Brin appeared on Current TV's The Gavin Newsom Show to explain and show off a Project Glass prototype before handing them over to host (and lieutenant governor of California) Gavin Newsom who was able to view a picture of himself, which Brin had previously taken, on the glasses screen. Following the show, Newsom discussed using the glasses with Wired saying the," image was remarkably clear."

[Google's Project Glass Shown Capturing Video]

Brin didn't let Newsom navigate the glasses' menus , although he did demonstrate that a small touchpad on the glasses' right arm allows users to move through whatever operating system is loaded on the device.

Despite the fact that Project Glass made its public debut a little over a month ago, Newsom told Wired that the device is much further along in development than most people have imagined.

The most surprising tidbit Brin revealed during his interview was the time frame he is looking at in regards to Project Glass' public availability. When Newsom asked when the product would hit the market, Brin replied saying he hoped to have it out sometime next year.

Brin said the pair of high-tech shades he had with him during the interview was actually a rough prototype. Meaning that the project could still see significant changes before it is made commercially available.

Check out the video below to see portions of the interview and tune in on June 1 for the Newsom's entire interview with Brin.

via Current TV, Wired