Gigabyte U2442V Ultrabook on Video: Sleek Looks Plus Core i5/i7 Power

The first Ultrabook from Gigabyte, the U2442V, was officially announced yesterday, and the company shared some specs which we in turn shared with you. Now it's time for a closer look. In addition to hands-on footage, we got a price estimate for the U2442V--and presumably its U2442N sister. The lowest config sh0uld sell for about $1,200, and further customization options, such as a Thunderbolt port; an SSD vs. hard drive; and Intel Core i5 vs. Core i7 power, will up the price point.

At 3.3 pounds, the U244SV is light, and its 0.7-inch profile (at its thinnest) is nothing to scoff a . Light-sensitive chiclet-style backlit keys are another nice touch. Check out our video for more impressions.