Gigabyte Enters Ultrabook Race with 14-Inch U2442V, U2442N

Gigabyte has long remained on the periphery of the notebook world, with a strong portfolio of entertainment notebooks that pack considerable graphics power but fall short in the bells-and-whistles (not to mention design) category. What better way to shake up that staid rep than to announce a new Ultrabook? That's just what Gigabyte is doing here at CeBIT in Hannover.

Introducing the U2442V, a 14-inch, 3.3 pound (at its lightest) Ultrabook with 3rd-Generation Intel Core i5/i7 ULV power (based on configuration) and a 0.7-inch (at its thinnest) profile. The display is a crisp 1600 x 900 pixels, and Gigabyte includes Nvidia GeForce graphics with 2GB of dedicated VRAM. The company is also announcing the U2442N, which has the same specs but switches out the ultra-low-voltage processor for a standard 3rd-Generation Intel CPU (Core i5 or Core i7 configs also available). Both systems will be available with a hard drive with up to 750GB of storage or an SSD, and both also offer a first-class selection of ports, including USB 3.0, Bluetooth 4.0 and Thunderbolt (optional).

Gigabyte isn't sharing pricing information just yet, but it told us that the U2442V and U2442N will launch in May. Our hands-on photos show the U2442V; check back for video, plus photos of the very similar U2442N.