Are your kids always asking to play with your phone? You'll feel more comfortable keeping them occupied with these child-safe gadgets.

Art projects are fun but messy; let creativity loose and hand your child an iMarker, a no-ink stylus that looks and feels just like a Crayola marker. They can use it for drawing, coloring and painting right on the iPad with the Crayola ColorStudio app.

Crayola ColorStudio HD app
The iMarker interacts with the free Crayola ColorStudio HD app to color in over 30 different pages, or create your own. As you color, add in such specials effects as animated characters, clip art, music, sound and visual effects — bringing your creations to life.

You can save all of your work and even share on Facebook or via email. Or go old school and print those projects out for the refrigerator.

Download Crayola ColorStudio HD: Apple iTunes

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Lights, Camera, Color app
Lights, Camera, Color morphs your personal photos into coloring pages with close to 100 different crayons, colored pencils and marker options.

The in-app sticker options adds flare to your altered images with goofy glasses, hats, ears and noses. Then send your refurbished photo creations to friends via email, upload them to Facebook, or if they're frame-worthy, print 'em out and put 'em on display.

Download Lights, Camera, Color: Apple iTunes

Woogie 2
Keep your gadgets safe and kid-friendly with Woogie 2, a huggable, squeezable case with a touch-screen protector. Your kids can safely get their paws all over this stuffed animal creature; it's meant for ages 3 and up.

The $19.99 fuzzy guy comes in pink or blue and has a protective pocket that hold your iPhone or iPod Touch safe, while a touch-through screen protector lets you choose movies, apps or music for your child.

Color Clickers
Decorate your smartphone with Crayola Color Clickers for just $24.99. These multi-color stripes not only protect your gadget, but can be interchanged for endless case options.

Kids can customize their own headphone with the sure to be parent-approved MyPhones. These kid-size, volume-limiting headphones keep sound pressure down to levels recommended for young ears.

Kids can add pictures or draw on their very own headphone as they wish. Small ear buds are also available in fun colors like Purple Pizazz, Cotton Candy, Caribbean Green and Blue Berry.