GeoPalz Announces New Way to Keep the Family Fit

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Staying fit just became a family activity. GeoPalz has announced two new products it will be revealing at CES 2013, the ibitz PowerKey and the ibitz Unity, both of which reward kids for physical activity and allow parents to track their family's overall physical health.

The ibitz PowerKey for kids connects to any Bluetooth-ready smartphone and uses a pedometer to track activity. This physical activity is then converted into "keys," which unlock rewards, such as games, apps, shows and custom prizes. There's also an in-app GeoBotz character, which needs healthy food, exercise and plenty of water to stay fit, mirroring the child's health.

The ibitz Unity, the partner product for parents, monitors the entire family's health in one place. The app tracks steps, distance, weight, height, overall physical activity and body mass index (BMI) for everyone using an ibitz product. The app also syncs with select third-party scales and heart rate monitors.

"We've found a way to create a product that motivates both parent and child in a way that works for them," said Rich Schmelzer, CEO of GeoPalz. "Parents are able to monitor goal progress...while children receive access to games and apps as a reward for excellent physical activity."

There's no official date for the release of the ibitz line, but the company says that it "will soon be available" for purchase at and in select retail stores in April 2013.

Stay tuned for more information about the ibitz products here at CES.