Fuhu Unveils the Nabi XD, a Surface-esque Tablet for Teens

No matter how old your kid is, Fuhu wants to have their tablet needs covered. After satisfying the youngster market with the tyke-friendly Nabi Jr. and the mid-kid orientated Nabi 2, the company has now turned its attention to 'tweens with the Fuhu Nabi XD, an intriguing $250 tablet that mixes work and play with an innovative UI and quad-core Tegra 3 power.

The Nabi XD's hardware is fairly impressive for its budget price tag. The slate sports a 10.1-inch IPS display with a 1366 x 768 resolution and five finger friendliness, along with an NFC chip and a purported 10 hour battery life. A 16GB version will set you back $249, while a 32GB model costs $349. It's unknown if the tablet features an SD card slot for expandable storage needs.

Fuhu also plans to offer an optional Touch Cover- or Smart Cover-esque "Pad-folio" with integrated silicon keys for those times when your teen needs to thrust out the kickstand, stand up the Nabi XD, and bang out homework on an honest-to-goodness physical keyboard.

Speaking of homework, the Nabi XD ships with productivity apps preloaded, along with parental control software to make sure your kids aren't messing around on the 'Net when they should have their nose to the grindstone.

The hardware's decent, but the tablet's interface might be even more intriguing. The Nabi XD runs on an Android 4.1 backbone, but Fuhu plans to slap Rightware's Kanzi UI over it, which allows you to set time- and location-based rules that display certain widgets and home screens under certain conditions. For example, your child could program a productivity-focused home screen to pop up front and center when he's on his school's Wi-Fi network, and a second gaming-oriented home screen to take precedence at home.

The Fuhu Nabi 2 sported similar internals and won our Editors' Choice award, giving the Nabi XD some mighty big footsteps to follow. Expect the teen-friendly tablet to launch in limited markets this month, with nationwide availability to follow in January.