Finger-Friendly AT&T Unite Touchscreen Mobile Hotspot Announced

The touchscreen revolution has officially spilled over to portable hotspots. We gave Novatel Wireless' AT&T MiFi Liberate an Editors' Choice award for its charming mix of endurance, features, and finger-friendly usability just over a month ago, and now, AT&T has announced yet another touchscreen hotspot is coming to its network: Sierra Wireless' AT&T Unite.

Like the MiFi Liberate, the new AT&T Unite packs 4G LTE support and the ability to provide a Wi-Fi connection for up to ten devices simultaneously. The 2.4-inch touchscreen display lets you monitor usage and manage connections with the swipe of a finger, including the ability to create a "Guest" hotspot.

The pearly white design may appeal to people put off by the MiFi Liberate's graphite chassis, but the AT&T Unite is going to need to bring a lot to the table to unseat the current king from its throne. The Liberate mixes a whopping 8 hour charge with handy-dandy features such as DLNA streaming from a micro-SD card, GPS mapping, and email support.

Pricing for the AT&T Unite has yet to be announced, and representatives declined our requests for more information. You're able to add mobile hotspots to an AT&T Mobile Share plan for $20 per month, however. We wouldn't be surprised if more details about the AT&T Unite emerge during CES, given the announcement's timing.