Facebook sums up the biggest moments of your year

December is a time of nostalgia, as is indicted by the massive influx in news articles about the top products of the year, the top songs of the year, the top movies of the year, the top tech flops, celebrity stories and current events of the year . . . you get the picture.

Now Facebook has added itself to the mix with its Year in Review feature, which allows you to take a look back at your year (or whatever parts of it that were documented on Facebook) and check out your 20 biggest moments.

YOu can find it by going to the Facebook Stories website.

When we tested the feature out, it showed a digital picture frame-like assembly of 9 photos that intermittently switched out to reveal more photos. Oddly, though, those photos only dated back to October. Apparently I had a rather dull January through September.

Plus, the photos Facebook chose for my top 20 moments seemed kind of random -- it completely omitted photos from my birthday (although it noted who wrote on my wall on my birthday) and seemed to grab more moments from the end of the year, even though we consistently took photos this year. We could also view how many new friends we gained in 2012 and what pages we liked.

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After you're done looking back at your year, you can share with friends by posting it on your timeline. Plus, you can stalk your friends' biggest 2012 moments by entering their custom URLs.