Facebook is making it a lot easier to capture and share 360-degree photos.

The social network on Wednesday started rolling out a new feature that lets you take full 360-degree panoramic photos right from the Facebook app and share them on your Timeline, so your friends can see what you're looking at from all angles. The tool is rolling out globally on iOS and Android devices.

To try it out, tap the new "360 Photo" option in the status bar. From there, just press the blue capture button on the screen and follow the path of what you want to shoot from start to finish until you complete the panorama. Then, select a starting view within the photo that you want people to see first and click share.

You can share 360 photos right on your Timeline, in albums with other 360 photos and regular images, and in Groups. You can also now zoom in on 360 photos and tag your friends in them.

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If you capture a super sweet 360 Photo, you can even use it as the cover photo for your profile. This is the first time Facebook has updated the format of cover photos since launching the feature way back in 2011.

"This is just the beginning, and Facebook is excited to continue investing its computer vision and AI tech into helping its users share their world with others," a Facebook spokesperson told PCMag in an email.

This new feature comes after Facebook last month announced a number of updates aimed at enhancing the experience of watching and creating Live 360 videos. That included the launch of a new Live 360 Ready Camera Program, 4K and VR support, donate buttons, and the ability to schedule a broadcast so your followers know exactly when to tune in.

This article originally appeared on PCMag.com.