Facebook Camera App Brings a New Look to Photo Albums

Released just this afternoon, Facebook Camera allows users to manage and view pictures more easily than with the main Facebook mobile application. Since this app doesn't include status updates, games, events, calendars or any other Facebook features, it's very light weight and quick to load.

The app allows users to view, like and comment on pictures in one seamless experience. Photo addicts will love viewing all their friend's images without any status updates or shared links getting in the way. Facebook Camera also improves upon the photo uploading process by allowing you to tap each of the images you want to add and upload them as a batch. Users can add captions, enter location information and tag friends all within the application.

Camera even incorporates photo editing directly into the application. Users can now crop, rotate and even add filters before sharing their pictures.

Camera joins a few other Facebook iOS apps such as Pages Manager and Messenger which are already gaining popularity. The timing of this release comes just a month after Facebook acquired social photography service Instagram so it will be interesting to see how the social network integrates that functionality with this application.